February 25, 2009

A few Sketchbook Drawings

Some fat kid somewhere, don't remember
where I was. Ballpoint pen.

A girl at a Starbucks in Florida. Brush/pen
and ink.

I drew this guy at a local coffee shop one night
a couple of years ago. Just thought he had a great
face and a cool beard.

Reddish pencil on tracing paper.

This is a sketch of my uncle sleeping on a couch. I did this
one about five years ago. Pen and ink. This was a follow up
to the sketch below...

This is the same uncle, same room, same couch but at
least three years earlier.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jon, I really learned some stuff from reading this. It goes without saying that your work is really good. After taking 1000s of pictures and then searching 1000s of other peoples pictures for that good photo and finally learning how to retouch in photoshop I never can look at a photo the same again. I assume that you must have an even more interesting outlook on objects that not even us mere 'non-sketchers' can begin to comprehend.